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What were the AGT judges thinking tonight with their live spots?

Sometimes, the silliest acts on America’s Got Talent are also the most entertaining. For one memorable contestant, all it took was a piece of tape and a thick coat of eyeliner to have viewers everywhere in stitches. Fans absolutely adored Tape Face’s audition and so did the judges. But was his act really good enough to be worthy of the live shows? I don’t think so, and not because he’s bad at physical comedy, but rather, because there were more deserving comedy acts that got robbed of their chance at live TV glory.

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Tape Face
Image: NBC

I am disappointed by tonight’s results, but I’m certainly no Tape Face hater. I usually love physical comedy and I can appreciate Tape Face’s larger-than-life facial expressions and impeccable sense of comedic timing. America’s Got Talent can always use more physical comedy and Tape Face certainly delivered. He’s unique and he’s memorable, and sometimes, that’s all the show needs.

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Tape Face definitely has his talents, but his act doesn’t seem to have a lot of substance. There’s also not much for connection; the switch from the airplane shtick to the trick with Howie Mandel seemed a bit abrupt. This isn’t necessarily unusual in comedy (especially of a physical variety), but I would have appreciated his act far more if he’d managed to somehow connect it all together.

Tape Face
Image: NBC

Now, had Tape Face genuinely offered up the best comedic act of the evening, I’d have been cool with him moving on in the competition. But he just wasn’t the best of the bunch. Another comedian offered up a far more professional performance, and in addition to not receiving the air time he deserved, he was deprived of the opportunity to present his act during the live shows. Saddened, this deserving comedian immediately expressed confusion regarding the judges’ decision — and I don’t blame him. I thought the brief clip they showed of him on America’s Got Talent was better than all of this season’s other comedy acts combined.

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Ultimately, it’s not about what I think, but rather, what the judges think and, of course, what the rest of America thinks. Obviously, America disagrees with me and I accept that. I think Tape Face does have potential, but I want to see him put together a better routine with a little more substance. I also hope those who were rejected realize just how much they have to offer.

What did you think of the judges’ decision on America’s Got Talent? Comment and share your opinion below.

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