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Tara Reid either needs a lot of help or is a secret genius

On last week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp, fans were pretty sure that Tara Reid and Dean May’s relationship was fake and that the truth would be revealed this week. It did not happen. What did happen: My confusion about whether Tara is in need of serious help or whether she’s actually a super-calculating genius has reached new levels.

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I’m kidding, but only kind of. Tara’s been a terrible participant on Marriage Boot Camp; she picks fights with the other couples, she refuses to participate and she’s more often than not ranting about… nothing? On tonight’s episode, she seemed drunk, at one point talking about not wanting to hurt her “children.” There is a point at which this behavior stops being good TV and starts being disturbing, and I think we’ve passed it. If Tara is actually in control of herself and has lured us into her search for an Oscar, she might have jumped the shark(nado) in her attempt to entertain us. It’s sad watching her lash out at people and cry every week, and I no longer care whether she and Dean are in a relationship anymore. It’s ceased to be about Dean and become the Tara Show, which, if that was her intent, well done.

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But seriously, if Tara isn’t acting — if this isn’t all an elaborate ruse put together by Tara, her agent and her publicist (let’s pretend Dean is an unknowing accomplice) — she needs help, and letting her put herself in a situation in which she loses control on television every week is beyond awful and cruel. Who is actually supporting Tara in her real life? After this week, when Dean yelled at Tara in front of everyone and earned himself a literal timeout (complete with jail cell and blanket), it’s hard to imagine him being on her side. Maybe he’s just at the end of his rope.

Twitter is sick of Tara’s behavior, and people aren’t afraid to tweet it every Friday night during the show. For the most part, they aren’t exactly extending kindness and generosity to Tara. However, some on Twitter have stated that it’s clear she needs real help with a one-on-one therapist, not the kind that’s being offered on TV in front of other couples and a million viewers.

I know: It’s TV. It’s reality TV. People having meltdowns is part of the point. But this is so not funny anymore. Here’s hoping that Tara has a breakthrough next week, or gets sent home to get some actual help, or reveals that this has all been part of her grand plan for world domination.

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What do you think: Is Tara acting? Are you totally over it? Tell us in the comments.

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