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Haters have found a new body part to criticize: Blac Chyna’s belly button

If social media is any indication, Rob Kardashian is really taking to fatherhood. He’s busy posting snaps of Blac Chyna’s belly, heart-eyes emojis and Instagram photos about how excited he is to be a dad. But he’s also a member of America’s first family, the Kardashians. And with great power comes many trolls.

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The proud dad-to-be posted this sweet picture of his baby mama and wife-to-be. Adorable, right? Not if you’re an Instagram commenter. “Fans” latched not on to how glowy she looks or how proudly she’s displaying her belly. Rather, they found… her belly button.

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“What’s wrong w/ her belly button damn,” wrote one (I can only assume he’s a doctor) on Instagram. One judged based on if Blac Chyna was pregnant the “right” way: “Her belly button looks like she’s in her third trimester.” Another was just plain mean: “Y’all her bellybutton is ugly.” At least they have as many friends as enemies. Another fan stepped in to educate the masses: “while your belly gets bigger the belly button starts to open up and not have much of a hole. ( its common??).” We have a feeling the mixed emotions over this couple won’t be dying down anytime soon, but at least they seem too blissed-out to even notice.

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