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Don’t expect to see tweets from Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans for a while

Well, it looks like Jenelle Evans found a much more efficient way to silence all her haters. Instead of going toe-to-toe with them in constant battles, she just deleted her Twitter account altogether. Evans, who is one-fourth of the Teen Mom 2 mom squad, didn’t give a specific reason for why she was leaving the platform, but there’s a good chance we’ll find out when she comes back.

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Evans first showed her exhaustion with the fans of the show when people happily celebrated co-star Chelsea Houska’s pregnancy announcement. When Evans announced she was pregnant with her second son, Kaiser, many people told her it was a bad idea. Almost exactly oppositely, when Houska announced her second pregnancy, everyone celebrated her and her fiancé, Cole DeBoer.

The two have had a feud forever, so this may have just been the last straw for Evans on Twitter. What’s strange is that she didn’t delete her Instagram or Facebook accounts. So she’ll definitely still be part of the drama, but just not on Twitter.

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Evans should absolutely take a break if she needs it. The severity of anonymous hate that happens, on Twitter specifically, to female celebrities is out of control. Just last night, Leslie Jones, star of the Ghostbusters remake, left Twitter in tears because online trolls spewed everything from violent threats to racist comments. It’s disgusting what people have to go through.

I fully support Evans for creating boundaries for herself so she doesn’t have to see these terrible comments all the time. And she could be walking away from something that makes her feel a kind of jealousy toward Houska that she doesn’t like in herself. There is a very small possibility that this is an act of maturity from Evans.

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And then there is a strong possibility that this is just her throwing a temper tantrum because she isn’t the most popular mom on the MTV show. She may just want to punish everyone for not supporting all her decisions all the time. In which case, I give it a week. She’ll be back.

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