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Willie Robertson basically degraded his wife to get a couple laughs at RNC

The Republican National Convention is quickly becoming a circus (see Melania Trump’s plagiarism allegations). Today, Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson stepped into the chaos by speaking in support of presumptive nominee Donald Trump. His speech in support of Trump didn’t break any new ground, but it was slightly offensive to one key person: his wife. He criticized the media, claimed to be a man of the people despite having his own TV show and business, and then… he mentioned Korie.

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“I’ve always said that I have three things in common with Mr. Trump,” said Robertson. “We’re both successful businessmen. We’ve both had hit TV shows. And we both have intelligent wives who are much better-looking than we are.” The crowd goes wild.

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You’ll notice that poor Korie Robertson goes unnamed. Just the fact that she’s “intelligent” and “better-looking” — wow, what a feat, to be two things at once — is enough for the crowd.

Robertson speaking at the RNC shouldn’t come as a surprise. He’s been vocal about his conservative views, even hosting The Willie Robertson Podcast on Fox News Radio. Fans of Duck Dynasty know that “family values” are important to the Robertsons. In The Duck Commander Devotional for Couples, Al and Lisa Robertson’s book about love and marriage, they reveal that patriarch Phil and his wife Miss Kay talk about their sex life constantly. Maybe that shows just how much of a priority the family places on hot wives. Happy RNC, everyone!

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