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All this Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian beef is too dramatic to be true

The drama between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift could move from the internet to the courtroom. According to People, even though Kardashian wasn’t the person who filmed the conversation, leaking it gives her exposure to being sued and possibly being sent to jail.

A source close to the Kardashian camp said, “They’re not necessarily expecting to be sued but are aware it’s a possibility.”

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Kardashian is most threatened by California’s Penal Code 637 “for willfully disclosing the contents of a private phone call without permission from all parties. This carries up to one year in prison and up to $5,000 fine,” according to People.

I suppose if you’re as popular and have as many valuable assets as the Kardashians, you have to consult a lawyer after every big controversy. But even if Swift is considering suing them, she’s certainly not going to send Kardashian to jail over a Snapchat video.

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I have to admit that when the drama first started, I loved it. No matter what side you fall on, seeing celebrities who are as manufactured and calculated as Kardashian and Swift show a slight kink in their armor is interesting. It gives them a little more character, something we can all relate to.

But when it blows up beyond social media drama and lawsuits are brought up, even I have to draw the line. The truth is, no one is going to bring the courts into this fight to make it stop, because no one wants to.

There’s a reason that this feud between Swift and Kanye West has continued for almost a decade. It works for them. And right now is a perfect time to reignite the feud with West. Now that we’ve got something else to focus on, everyone stopped dissecting Swift’s quick jump into the Hiddleswift relationship. She doesn’t have to answer for why she moved on so quickly, and she gets to be the victim of West one more time.

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Swift is a smart businesswoman. She won’t sue Kardashian over the leaked videos. What she will do is make the first single off her newest album obviously about Kimye and reap millions of dollars in music, live shows and merchandise sales. Again.

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