Fosters spoilers could hint at the end of Callie & AJ's relationship for good

Jul 19, 2016 at 5:29 p.m. ET
Image: Eric McCandless/Freeform

Ugh, Callie's storyline on The Fosters last night was so heartbreaking. Her revelation about what happened to her when she was living in the foster home with Liam was intense, but AJ was there for her and totally amazing — which only made us love him that much more.

But then Callie's plotline took another twist to send her on a Making a Murderer-style mission to help out former foster sibling Kyle and bee-lining to Aaron, the motorcycle dude she was totally vibing with before.

Obviously, this is not great news if you are a Callie/AJ shipper, and we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Aaron isn't going anywhere anytime soon, according to Maia Mitchell.

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"The two of them together are partners in trying to free Kyle," Mitchell recently told zap2it of Callie and Aaron linking up again. "They definitely connect over that and their shared sense of social justice. He’s a really prominent character, and I really enjoy working with him."

"Prominent character" clearly means things are about to steam up for Aaron and Callie, right?

Mitchell was also quick to point out that, although AJ is a very trusting guy, the addition of Aaron is definitely going to cause problems.

"You definitely see some tension there," Mitchell said. "AJ is a pretty accepting and confident dude — he’s not really the jealous type, you know? But you definitely see a strain on their relationship because of the addition of this new guy in her life. Whether it’s romantic or not, it definitely tests things in later episodes more than the first few, because AJ really is trusting and not the jealous or possessive type."

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AJ may not be the jealous type, but he sure doesn't look happy at the end of the promo for next week's episode when Aaron throws out a rude comment. And if he's too trusting, there's also the possibility that Callie will spend a ton of time with Aaron with little to no pushback from AJ.


Honestly, though, as much as we'd love for Callie to end up with AJ, if she does go for Aaron we're cool with it — as long as it ends all of the Brallie drama.

Who do you want Callie to end up with on The Fosters?