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Guilt has us all screaming, ‘What the hell is Grace and Luc’s secret?’

As Grace continues to plead her innocence on Guilt, despite all signs pointing to her being somehow involved, she engages in some bad behavior that is seriously leaving us scratching our heads. As she remains at Scotland Yard all night, waiting for Luc to be released from jail, she exits to a swarm of paparazzi and reporters. As if being a murder suspect, college student and unwitting celebrity isn’t enough to deal with, she’s now faced with a boyfriend in jail for drug charges.

As she’s trying to fend off the crowd, a mystery man shields her and gets her safely away, but not before her phone is dropped and broken. This mystery man convinces her that if she goes with him, he can fix her phone, and she actually goes.

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Why Grace would go to an unnamed location with a perfect stranger — sans phone, no less — is a bit beyond me, especially just after her roommate was mysteriously murdered and a killer is still on the loose, but she does it. Grace has proved time and time again that she’s naïve and too trusting — but is she really?

Grace quickly realizes that this stranger, Neville Harris, had something to do with Molly’s murder — he has a dress and a teddy bear of hers, and admits to stalking her from afar. In an attempt to flee, Grace ends up stabbing him in the leg before they’re found by Natalie and Bruno.

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Is it possible that Grace simply thought this gentleman was a good Samaritan trying to help a young girl in need? Maybe. Did she know he was Molly’s stalker and wanted to get him alone to get the truth about her murder out of him? Definitely maybe.

There’s also the chilling ease with which she wielded a pair of shears to injure Harris, as if it’s not the first time she’s stabbed someone. There’s a reason why she’s suspect No. 1 in the murder of Molly Ryan, and it’s impossible to ignore at this point.

Even more suspicious is after this tussle with Harris, when she’s finally home with Natalie, she convinces her that what they really need is to get dressed up to go dancing. Grace is remarkably calm for someone who’s just had a pair of scissors to her throat and whose roommate was brutally murdered. Almost too calm.

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Sure enough, Grace — all smoky-eyed and glammed up — manages to sneak in a private visit with Luc while he’s still in jail, and the two certainly aren’t discussing his innocence or the perils of jail food.

Grace: Did they ask you anything again, about that night — about us?

Luc: No, I wouldn’t say anything if they did. You know that.

Grace: No one can know, Luc. Ever.

Luc: No one will ever know. No one except you and me. It’s our secret.

What is their secret? Only time will tell, I guess, but I’m pretty positive that the G in Grace also stands for guilty.

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