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Oh whoa, Rumer Willis looks just like Jessica Rabbit in her new photo

Rumer Willis is a beautiful woman, inside and out, but she looks particularly gorgeous in her new picture.

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, Willis shared a photo of herself looking fierce as she poses in a stunning red dress. She captioned the shot with, “Working on a little project with the dream team…. @thetylershields @jwujek @haleybuckner @tyeblue1 @bykilian Can’t wait to show you guys!!”

Fans are loving Willis’ look and comments on the post include “Wow!! Stunning!,” “You look so beautiful!” and “You look amazing!!” And multiple comments also include reference to Jessica Rabbit (from the animated film, Who Censored Roger Rabbit?), including one from bmerrow, who wrote, “Channeling your inner Jessica rabbit! Va va voom!”

We agree, Willis looks amazing but unfortunately some people have still managed to find an issue with the image.

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Comments on the post include, “She’d have to remove her bottom rib on both sides to have that small a waist, al la Raquel Welsh,” “Great body, looks photoshoped.” (sic) and “@ruelarue ok I know you have two arms but…..” — whether he is alluding to the awkward pose or a potential Photoshopping incident, we’re not sure.

Hollywood Life also observed the backlash over the photo, but commented that it’s very unlikely that Willis would edit any of her pictures, because, as we all remember from her Vanity Fair cover shoot she is against Photoshop — she previously slammed the photographers on the shoot for altering her jaw.

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Come on people, can’t we ever just be nice, without trying to find a negative? More than that, perhaps everyone has forgotten that there is actually a super secret project in the works, and if this video that Willis posted is anything to go by, it certainly does look interesting.

There’s much speculation as to what this could be: is it burlesque? Could she be singing? Comments on the video include, “Hopefully more of you singing or you are going to do something with Burlesque!! You are stunningly beautifully,” “You doing peep show?,” and “Ugh are you singing? You girls are so talented.”

What do you think of Rumer Willis’ new video, and do you have any ideas as to what her secret project could be? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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