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Aaron Carter’s ex-intern is using hostage tactics to get what he wants

Carter’s party is apparently over.

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According to TMZ, Carter is at war with a web designer who has hijacked Carter’s website and is now holding control of the site for ransom.

Web designer John Cantu has locked Carter out of the site, claiming he developed and maintained it for months. Now, he’s demanding that Carter pay him $50,000 before he gives back access to the site. There’s only one problem: Carter claims that Cantu was an unpaid intern during the whole time he was designing and maintaining the site.

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As far as Cantu is concerned, he can’t be an intern because he never learned anything from Carter, he claims. Now, Carter’s website is blank and Cantu says it’s going to stay that way until Carter coughs up some cash, despite a letter that Carter’s team sent to Cantu, demanding that he give back control.

Carter’s reps reportedly didn’t respond to requests for comment about the whole weird situation, but he did tweet cryptically in what appears to be a reference to all the drama, writing, “There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. I rest my case.”

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