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Tiffany Rousso’s attempt to shake up the Big Brother house is too late

Tiffany Rousso didn’t get voted out of the Big Brother house last week, but you wouldn’t know that by her reaction tonight. She spent the first half of the episode sobbing and asking her housemates to console her. She was desperate for friends to talk to and someone to vent to.

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Da’Vonne Rogers finally sat her down and told her that she needs to get it together and start playing the game smarter. Rogers said the more emotional she gets, the more fights she’ll get into and the quicker she’ll go home. So Rousso decided it was time for her to start shaking things up.

As a viewer, it’s always fun when one of the competitors decides to stir up some drama. It means we’re going to see a lot more backstabbing and strategizing between players. But in this case, I think it’s too late for Rousso to start making moves.

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The only person willing to team up with her is Frank Eudy, who as we know is out the door already. The rest of the contestants don’t want anything to do with her. Even Rogers is using her in order to stay safe for another week.

Rousso had everything working for her when she entered the house. Like Paulie Calafiore, she had an older sibling on a previous Big Brother season. She should have been able to align herself with the veterans like Calafiore did. Instead, she’s on the outs because she didn’t make any friends. She doesn’t have the numbers on her side to make any real change, so all she’s going to do is cause herself drama for no reason.

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The one good thing that came from Rousso’s breakdown is that Eudy was exposed for his backstabbing ways. He learned that he’s not the big dog in the house, and that people aren’t in love with him and his ideas as he thought.

Watching him take his confidence down a few notches made the episode worth watching.

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