6 clues Ride with Norman Reedus will get a second season

WTF, you guys? How did we creep up on the Ride with Norman Reedus season finale so fast? And, more to the point, what wisenheimer thought fans’ thirst for this road-tripping version of Reedus would be quelled after only six episodes?

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Head’s up, AMC — we’re not done with Ride with Norman Reedus yet. We’re going to need you to go ahead and green-light a second season, STAT. But, seeing as no word on the show’s future has been passed down yet, we’re left to surmise its status based on conjecture alone.

Of course, there’s no shortage of reasons this fledgling series should not be renewed.

It’s visually stunning and highly entertaining. Viewers get to see the world through the lens of Norman Reedus and, in that sense, travel to places they may never make it to on their own. He paints a colorful picture full of colloquial charm wherever he goes, undoubtedly shining light on countless small businesses and homegrown entrepreneurs along the way.

He gives a voice to the gearheads, sure. But he also amplifies the voice of empowered women across the country who are bending gender norms and taking names every day.

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And, is if I need to remind you, Reedus is the host. Aside from his obvious appeal as the breakout star of Boondock Saints and AMC’s The Walking Dead, Reedus’ humble approach to everyone who crosses his path is captivating. He is truly invested in people. If ever there was a living picture of what a humanist looks like, it’s him. That — along with his gravelly timbre in each episode’s voice-over, reminding us all to enjoy the journey — sticks with you long after the credits roll.

Would it be weird to say this show makes me want to be a better person? To stop and smell the proverbial roses more often? Because after six episodes traveling the diverse road map of America with Reedus, that’s pretty much exactly how I feel.

Clearly, Ride has an affecting quality and needs to continue. We can all agree on that point, right? So here are a few clues that offer hope the show will, in fact, go on.

1. The non-ceremonious send-off

Don’t get me wrong! Having Peter Fonda as a co-rider is next level. It’s Peter fucking Fonda. The man is a living legend… the Easy Rider in the flesh. And since I’m currently nursing a killer case of wanderlust for the Florida Keys, I can’t say I was disappointed in their destination either. For that matter, I wasn’t disappointed with anything about the finale. True to form, this week’s Ride was quite delightful, if we’re being honest. However, there was no real pomp and circumstance qualifying it as a finale. It wasn’t longer in length. There were no allusions to it being the final episode of the season. I feel about this much the same way I felt about Glenn’s faux-dumpster-death on The Walking Dead last season — they wouldn’t end things without a bit more well-deserved ado.

2. Reedus’ all-in attitude

As he has several times this season, Reedus live-tweeted this week’s episode. That’s an impressive level of commitment for a star like Reedus. He was so inundated with tweets from fans during the episode that, at times, his Twitter actually crashed. Throughout the season, Reedus has not been shy about his love for this series which, in my opinion, bodes well. He has a huge fan base who is essentially willing to follow him anywhere. If he is gunning hard for the show to get pushed through, AMC is likely to trust his intuition. When it comes to bankability, Reedus is a solid bet.

3. Fan fervor

On the subject of Reedus’ fans, they’re digging their heels in, too. A cursory scan of Twitter makes it pretty clear I’m not alone in wanting, needing at least one more season of this stellar new addition to the AMC roster.


Plus, the show’s hallmark #RideWithNorman hashtag trended all night on Twitter. That’s gotta count for something.

4. The killer guest stars

It goes without saying how rad it is that the guest cameos and co-riders in Ride‘s inaugural season culminated with the iconic Fonda for the finale. But Reedus has given viewers a virtual meet and greet with some seriously inspiring characters all season long. Even if you weren’t familiar with them by name coming into the episode, you felt like you knew them by the episode’s end — and you wished like hell you had met them in real life. Some you most certainly know (think actor Balthazar Getty), but got to see an entirely new side of. The fact that so many badass people were willing to, quite literally, take this ride with Reedus hints that there is much more to come on the guest-star front.

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5. The potential for crossover cameos

In full disclosure, I experienced a moment of pure fangirling when I saw Reedus’ earlier Instagram post touting the finale. Why? Simple — the Insta pic was of none other than Reedus and his TWD costar, Steven Yeun (aka Glenn). At first, I thought Reedus was trying to tell us Yeun was going to make a cameo on Ride during the finale, thus the fangirling. Obviously that wasn’t the case, but it doesn’t mean that kind of crossover cameo action isn’t going to happen. There have been a myriad nods to TWD throughout this season of Ride, and Reedus’ costars routinely plug the show and their buddy on social media. It would be a natural progression for some of them to pop up in a second season.

6. Reedus’ references to a second season

In interviews, Reedus often alludes to a second season of the series. In one such recent interview, he even offered up a few fantastic ideas for making the series more immersive. “I’d love to involve fans on a ride or do some stuff with Make-a-Wish,” he told Yahoo. “I do a lot of stuff with Make-a-Wish already. I’d really like to, if it comes full circle and full circle again and full circle again… it’s fun and it’s extra special that way, so I hope to.” Just one more reason to make it happen. Ya hear, AMC?


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