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Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have married Kanye if she cared about public opinion

Kim Kardashian works very hard to craft her image. The entire Kardashian family works very hard to not comment on any drama unless it’s through their TV show. Even on social media, they’re smart enough to make every post ambiguous, possibly about everything or meaningless. So, when Kim married Kanye West, maybe the most uncalculated celebrity ever, it didn’t quite make sense.

In tonight’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we see a perfect example of why.

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The episode covered Kanye’s drama with Taylor Swift over the controversial lyric in his song “Famous.” The two were in a he-said-she-said battle over whether or not Taylor knew about the lyric before he released the song.

Kanye got emotional, as he does, and Kim tried to do damage control. She wanted to get in front of the drama and make sure that the media couldn’t make Kanye out to be a monster. She complained to Khloé Kardashian that she basically has to be his publicist every hour of the day and that life is so hard as “The Wife of Pablo.”

I’m going to give Kim credit for that line, but the entire thing was a little manipulative. Kanye is an artist, which means he has to be authentic in order to be successful. Hip-hop artists in particular need to be truthful to themselves in order for fans to appreciate and support them. Kim trying to force Kanye to fall in line just isn’t going to work.

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Kanye himself said that he didn’t care. He told Kim that he’ll just follow her lead, but he didn’t care.

I know that Kim loves her husband, and it would be extremely difficult to watch as your husband was torn down and misunderstood by the entire world. But trying to change him so that he’s not as problematic for her and her brand is a terrible strategy for herself and her marriage.

Ultimately, though, the strategic masterminds behind her brand found the perfect solution to the problem. Kanye got to handle the gossip the way he wanted to, and Kim got to act like a grown-up on her show and say that she’s just going to let it go and let Kanye do his thing.

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Except now that the episode has aired, Kim got to defend her man on social media without saying a word. In fact, if you watch her Snapchat story right now, you can see her exposing Taylor as a liar. It’s worth the follow.

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