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Did Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris break up because of the Grammy Awards?

Several weeks after Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ big breakup, theories are still being thrown out about why the couple called it quits. While the most popular explanation seems to be that the pop singer couldn’t keep away from actor Tom Hiddleston after meeting him back in February, another possible reason has emerged that may explain some of the deeper problems Swift and Harris may have faced.

Harris reportedly refused to attend the Grammy Awards with Swift in February, when she was nominated for (and won) Album of the Year for 1989. A source told The Sun, “Taylor was furious and hated the way he never wanted to attend award shows and big music industry events with her. It was a Sunday night in LA and she felt he could have slipped away for a couple of hours to be with her.”

You have to admit, it was odd seeing Swift receiving support from friends like Selena Gomez with Harris nowhere to be found on one of the biggest nights of her career. Some sources are now connecting his absence from the Grammys with his recent Twitter rant, which came after Swift’s people revealed that she wrote the lyrics for Harris’ smash single with Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For.” The insider told The Sun, “If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t want to stand by your woman on an important night like that, then you’ll also be the kind of guy that gets a bit pissed off when your woman’s getting toasted for the biggest track of your career for the past five years.”


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Swift is being painted as the villain in this split, but there are always two sides to every story. And Swift’s story, from what we can gather, is that Harris wasn’t as supportive of her and her career as she would have liked. Contrast her reported gripes about Harris not wanting to accompany her to industry events with the video footage of her dancing the night away with Hiddleston at the Met Gala in May, and you can see why Swift might feel more comfortable in a relationship with an actor who has his own thing going on.

And it certainly seems like Hiddleston has wasted no time falling for Swift. They’ve been spotted loving up on each other on a secluded beach in England and in Australia. He met her parents in Nashville. He recently sported a tank top that read “I [heart] T.S.” and a temporary heart tattoo with her initials. The exact timing of their relationship, which some say coincided with Harris’ car accident in Los Angeles, is not ideal — but when are breakups ever not messy?

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It’s time to stop blaming Swift or Harris for the dissolution of a relationship that was obviously not meant to be. Few people are ever completely at fault for a split, and we all make mistakes and hurt each other in relationships. Can’t we just agree that neither musician is perfect and move on?

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