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Girl Meets World is heading to a part of BMW history I don’t want to visit

Girl Meets World is going back to one of the darkest moments of Boy Meets World history in “Girl Meets Ski Lodge.” The two-part episode, which airs July 22 and July 29, will find Mr. Cory Matthews and his class of high school students on a field trip to Mount Sun Lodge. Let me rephrase: Cory is taking his daughter, Riley, and her best friends to the ski lodge.

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Boy Meets World fans will remember the lodge as the site of one of the most heartbreaking moments in BMW history: Cory’s kiss with Lauren. If you’re unfamiliar, or you’ve managed to block out the horror from your memory, here’s a refresher. The year was 1998, when Cory (Ben Savage), Shawn (Rider Strong), Angela (Trina McGee) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) traveled to a ski lodge on their senior trip in “Heartbreak Cory.” After spraining his ankle while getting off the bus, Cory, who was very much dating Topanga, is forced to spend the entire trip inside with a cute lodge employee, Lauren (Linda Cardellini). Long story short: The two kiss, and though he breaks it off — he’s in love with Topanga, after all — she slips a love letter in his bag before he leaves… which Topanga finds. A few episodes later, Lauren showed up again, this time leading to the most devastating breakup scene in Boy Meets World history.

It was not a good time for Cory and Topanga shippers, which means it was not a good time for anybody watching Boy Meets World at home. Personally, it took a lot of time and effort for me to forgive Cardellini for briefly breaking up my favorite television couple, and I still want to cry every time I watch that breakup scene.

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Luckily, it seems that Cory feels the same way as I do. Topanga might have forgiven him, and they might be living their happily ever after on Girl Meets World, but some wounds never fully heal. In a special sneak peek at the new episode, Cory is seen telling his students about the perils of the ski lodge: “The ski lodge was almost the end of Cory and Topanga, America’s sweethearts, and now I know something’s going to happen there for you, so I’m preparing you. For nature!”

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The memory of his betrayal and time away from Topanga appears to have left quite a mark on our (new) favorite teacher. “Those were very bad times for Cory and Topanga. But everything’s fine now, except we can’t ski ever, or say ski, or walk downhill,” Riley explains. If their tweenage daughter knows about their high school drama, then I’m going to go ahead and say that the whole Boy Meets World ski lodge debacle was almost as traumatic for Cory and Topanga as it was for me.

Hopefully, Riley and her friends won’t go through anything quite so emotionally scarring at the ski lodge.

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