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Scott Eastwood’s Instagram joke may have been a hint at his new grlfriend

Call me old-fashioned, but it just warms my heart when two gorgeous, rich, famous people get together. Such is the case for Adriana Lima and Scott Eastwood, the latest, prettiest couple to come out of Hollywood. According to a new rumor substantiated by Us Weekly, the two spent a “cozy night” in NYC. We all know what that means — they’re one step away from canoodling.

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Eastwood and Lima were at Catch for a group dinner, but an insider caught them looking especially flirty. “The two were close and affectionate throughout the night,” said the source. They were “were always right next to each other and laughing at each other’s, assumingly, flirty jokes, and Scott had his arm around her every chance he could.” OK, there are plenty of assumptions in those quotes, but the world has had quite a bad week. It feels nice to take a breath and be happy for these two (did I mention this?) beautiful people.

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Extra sprinkles on the sundae come from the fact that almost six months ago, Eastwood joked about checking out Adriana Lima on the red carpet. We all thought he was kidding, but perhaps he was hinting at a new romance?

Either way: Kudos to the soon-to-be happy, gorgeous couple. Please take lots of photos together.

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