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Someone convince Big Brother‘s Paulie Calafiore to throw a challenge

Frank Eudy’s power over the Big Brother house has started to crack and I couldn’t be more excited. On tonight’s episode, Da’Vonne Rogers starts to sway the house away from Eudy’s plan to evict Tiffany Rousso as the first step to getting him out of the house.

Eudy’s first mistake was trying to make alliances with everyone in the house. It was only a matter of time before people caught on and started comparing notes. Actually, no, his first mistake was being disrespectful and arrogant to every woman in the house.

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Yes, I’m still bitter about that.

But when the whole house figured out that he was promising things to everyone, they knew it was only a matter of time before he screwed everyone over. So Rogers was able to convince them to go against Eudy’s vote and evict Bronte D’Acquisto.

And while I applaud Rogers for her plan to evict Eudy, the one thing that’s going to make it impossible is the fact that his team, Big Sister, keeps winning. For the past three challenges, someone from their team has won HOH, meaning Eudy has been safe basically this whole time.

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In order for Eudy to be up for eviction, Rogers will have to convince Paulie Calafiore to throw a challenge. As the numbers get smaller, there will be fewer and fewer reasons for Calafiore to intentionally lose or make himself vulnerable, so the time for Rogers to act is now. If he makes sure his team loses next week, he’ll have enough friends in the house to make sure that he’s not sent home and that Eudy is.

The only silver lining to Eudy being safe this week, though, is that he won’t be eligible to compete with the first five evictees for a chance to return to the house. By waiting to evict him until next week, Rogers will make sure that he’s gone for good.

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She and the rest of the house obviously don’t know that, but it’s still a poetic coincidence that I hope happens.

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