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The Bringing Up Bates family is hiding a dirty little secret

Despite the fact that the Bates family seems to have it all together, tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates proved there is a vital skill the family of 21 lacks.

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We may have seen Alyssa and her husband working as cleaners a few episodes back, but it turns out she’s the rare exception to the Bates family rule, because they are messy. Pack rat status messy.

In fact, Gil has an entire shed packed with junk, complete with a door that’s falling apart and hanging off the hinges. He let the cameras peek inside and then not-so-subtly, since the door is falling off, closed the door on that cleaning project for another day.

Kelly Jo rightly decided it was time for some spring cleaning and the look we got inside the Bates family’s closets was enough to make me cringe all over. And I’m not the cleanliest of people, let me tell you.

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By far the biggest pack rat of the family was Lawson, who was unwilling to part with any of his 52 shoes. But Gil had the most stuff, like an aviation jumpsuit, overalls and all sorts of wacky shirts.

In all fairness, a family of 21 is bound to have more junk than the average household with 2.5 kids. But tonight’s episode was a rare glimpse at the Bates house behind the scenes. We got a look inside all of the rooms the Bates family kept hidden for good reason.

Even after the family had cleaned up house, Kelly Jo and Gil laughed to the cameras about how it’ll only last about a week before the mess finds its way back.

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Excuse me, now I need to go clean my home.

Does the Bates family get a pass for their messy house because there’s 21 of them or were you shocked at all the junk?

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