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Kim Zolciak outed her daughter’s mysterious relationship status

In another example of parents who don’t have boundaries: Kim Zolciak promised to keep her followers up to date on her daughter, Brielle’s, dating life. Zolciak’s daughter has been all over social media with a hot blonde guy, who we now know is her boyfriend.

Kim mentioned in her video on The Daily Dish, “Brielle has a new boyfriend who we actually really adore. And she’s headed up to Virginia next week to see him, so stay tuned! I’ll definitely keep you posted.”

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I understand that many of Kim’s fans have watched her daughter grow up. When they first appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Brielle was just a child. But I don’t understand the public’s fascination with the dating lives of teenagers.

Especially when those who are actually in the relationship are staying quiet, but everyone else is talking (I’m looking at you, Billy Ray Cyrus). To be fair, Brielle isn’t exactly being quiet. She posts almost daily about how much she loves her boyfriend, minor league pitcher Michael Kopech, but she isn’t giving updates. She isn’t promising to keep fans posted about major and minor updates in their relationship and she’s obviously well within her rights to do that.

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I don’t think that Kim had any ill intentions when she posted this video. I think she probably genuinely enjoys talking about her daughter, her daughter’s happiness and including her fans in her life. For reality stars, that kind of transparency is important.

But, Kim is the one who signed up for that kind of transparency. She’s the one who made a deal with the public to divulge almost everything about her life, not her daughter. So promising to keep fans in the loop about this young relationship is awkward and probably shouldn’t happen.

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Hopefully, Brielle is comfortable enough with her mom to tell her when it is and isn’t appropriate to share parts of her life with the public. And even more, I hope Kim knows to listen.

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