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10 celebs who had super-awkward moments this week

Is it just us or was this week a particularly embarrassing week for celebs? We didn’t think there was anything more awkward than Michael Cera in Superbad, but darn it, these stars have proved us wrong.

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Here’s who made us want to go hide under a rock for them over the past couple of days.

1. Beyoncé

Queen Bee caught some major flak this week for not knowing what the hell was going on after Serena Williams won at Wimbledon. While the rest of her crew was instantly on their feet after Williams clinched her match, Beyoncé was a little delayed and kinda looked like someone who was trying to sing along to a song but doesn’t know the lyrics.

But maybe she had something in her eye, OK?

2. Demi Lovato

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Lovato allegedly made things super weird at a fan meet-and-greet this week, according to one now-former Lovatic.

“She looked at me for a total of .1 seconds the entire time,” the fan scathed on Twitter, adding that Lovato refused to answer any of her questions verbally.

Whoops. Maybe she was having a bad day? She did just go through a breakup, after all.

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3. Tom Hiddleston

When asked how his new girlfriend, Taylor Swift, is enjoying Australia, Hiddleston got super uncomfortable and was just a shadow of his usual confident, charming self.

Maybe he looked so nervous because no one says anything about TSwift without it going through her PR machine first. He’s been warned.

4-5. Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift

Harris let all his feelings hang out on Twitter this week when he posted about his collaboration with his now-ex, one Taylor Swift, and it turned out to be super awkward for both of them. Awkward for him because it made him look like a jealous, scorned ex, and awkward for her because his tweets gave birth to #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty, which was trending worldwide for a good portion of Wednesday.

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6-7. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk

You guys, getting caught fighting with your significant other in public is beyond humiliating. Just ask Cooper and Shayk. You can practically hear him say “Are you serious?” as she wipes away tears.

8. Brandi Glanville

Have you ever been turned down from a hot spot? Super embarrassing, right? Now imagine getting rejected as other people cruise by the doorman while paparazzi are filming you and you know it will be posted online for the world to see. It doesn’t get much more awkward than that.

9. Kristen Wiig

In classic Kristen Wiig form, she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week to promote her new Ghostbusters movie in character as The Bachelorette‘s JoJo Fletcher — and it’s gloriously awkward.

10. Louis Tomlinson

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Some super-cute pics of Tomlinson frolicking on the beach with his new baby and his girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, surfaced this week. Beside the fact that people violated the No Kids Policy by posting pics of the wee one, everything seemed all fine and good until the mother of Tomlinson’s son, Briana Jungwirth, caught wind of the day at the beach and expressed her dismay on Twitter.

What was your favorite awkward moment in pop culture this week?

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