Sigh, Suits boss says Mike is definitely in for a long, hellish haul in jail

The Suits Season 6 premiere proved that prison sure is going to be rough for Mike. How can it get much worse than being behind bars for two years? What about an inmate coming after you thanks to Harvey putting him in jail?

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That’s exactly what Mike has to worry about with inmate Frank Gallo. As Wednesday’s premiere revealed, Harvey put Frank away 13 years ago for insider trading. Thanks to help from a prison guard, Frank pretended to be Mike’s cellmate and got him to dish his whole life story. Then, he even snagged Rachel’s phone number by offering Mike the use of a cellphone.

Basically, Frank is Mike’s biggest enemy at this point. Not only does he have to worry about himself but he also has to worry about Frank going after Harvey and Rachel. Yeah, what a mess.

While chatting with TV Line, Suits executive producer Aaron Korsh confirmed that prison won’t be a walk in paradise for Mike. “He’s a pretty powerful, vengeful guy,” he said about Frank. “He’s obviously got a lot of intelligence and the ability to pretend he’s a nice guy when he’s really not. Mike’s in for some trouble, and that’s sort of the organizing principle of Mike’s experience in prison.”

As for Rachel’s safety, Korsh teased that Frank can obviously get to her with help from resources on the outside. However, the real threat is mentally getting to Mike and those he loves. “He could call her, he could harass her, he could intimidate her, and that’s going to mess with Mike’s mind, just like messing with Mike would prey on Harvey’s mind,” Korsh said about Frank’s intentions with Rachel. So, she now has to add Frank to her list of things to worry about, which already includes saving the firm, worrying about her fiancé in prison and finishing law school.

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Mike Ross and Harvey Specter
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Here is some good news, though. It seems like eventually Mike will find some his own allies, which will definitely come in handy. He sure is going to need them.

All that said and done, how long will fans actually watch Mike in prison? Korsh spoke to TV Guide about just that and said Mike’s not getting out anytime soon, but he also won’t be in jail for the rest of the series.

“I can say in real time, he’s not going to be in there for two actual seasons, two actual years, but we didn’t want to undo what we did in short order because it didn’t seem real,” he said. “We’ve tried to, given how we ended [Season 5] and what we discover in [the first two episodes of Season 6], take it to its natural conclusion or some sort of plausible conclusion. I will say he doesn’t get out super-fast.”

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Like Mike, fans better get comfortable with the former faux lawyer in prison.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.


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