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Poor Miles Teller rocked a blond look and ESPYs viewers were not feeling it

Poor Miles Teller.

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The world simply wasn’t ready for the Fantastic Four actor’s latest fashion move: He appeared on the ESPY Awards red carpet with bleached-blond hair and lightened eyebrows.

As someone who has never taken particular note of Teller, I can’t say the look is that terrible, but then, I also can’t really envision what he looked like as a brunette. Twitter, however, does not agree with me.

Users took to the social media platform to tear Teller apart for his new ‘do, and boy, were they ruthless.

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Who knows exactly what the motivation is behind Tellers’ lightened-up locks — the look could be for an upcoming role, and therefore completely out of his control, so lighten up, internet. Regardless, he’s been blond for a while — weeks ago, his girlfriend posted a photo online that showed off his yellow tresses.

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Miles Teller as a blond: Yay or nay? Let us know down in the comments.

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