RHONY‘s LuAnn de Lesseps just made herself untrustworthy to every woman in the world

LuAnn de Lesseps’ actions on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York may have been the final straw for me. She’s always been a little bit hypocritical, a little bit shady and a lot selfish, but tonight after she voiced her skewed logic, I finally decided she would be the most untrustworthy friend you could make.

While fighting with Ramona Singer about the way de Lesseps and her fiancé, Tom D’Agostino, met, Singer accused de Lesseps of stealing him from another mutual friend while they were dating. Singer said that de Lesseps even went as far as to grab D’Agostino’s hand one night while he was on a date.

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To that, de Lesseps’ only argument was, “He’s a man, I’m a woman and we do what we want.”

Sure, that’s true. But they are also both human beings who can do what they want without hurting another person in the process.

But that wasn’t even the worst part. In her interview later on, de Lesseps said, “You don’t steal a man from a woman. A man leaves willingly.” She effectively absolved herself of any responsibility and blamed the other woman for not keeping her man happy. According to de Lesseps, any man is fair game, even if he is in a relationship, because he wouldn’t leave if he didn’t want to.

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This isn’t even a break in girl code; this is her completely disregarding anyone’s feelings in favor of whatever she wants in the moment. To use her words, it’s just really uncool.

I understand that de Lesseps is constantly fighting against judgment from her friends. It probably makes her dig her heels in and say whatever she has to in order to defend her relationship and her newfound happiness.

But that doesn’t account for what she said in her interview, away from the women’s judgment and in a calm situation. Because she said it in that situation, you know that she genuinely believes that she has no responsibility in breaking up a relationship.

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And not that we were ever going to be friends, but that was enough for me to nix a potential friendship from the realm of possibilities in the future.