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America’s Got Talent made a huge mistake with Steven Brundage

After several seasons of America’s Got Talent, certain acts are bound to grow stale. Even the craziest of daredevil stunts lose their edge after you witness them again and again.

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Whenever a contestant offers a completely new take on an old idea, longtime viewers are delighted. And when a contestant shows off a brilliant skill never seen before on television, well, that’s the America’s Got Talent jackpot. That’s exactly what Steven Brundage accomplished with his unique Rubik’s Cube tricks, and yet, despite being arguably the most original act of the season, he failed to move on to the next round.

Steven Brundage
Image: NBC

The judge cuts on America’s Got Talent are excruciating and, understandably, not everybody is going to be able to move forward in the competition. Often, great acts get left behind. But usually those who don’t make it are either unoriginal or just not as impressive as the other contestants. This certainly could not be said of Brundage, who offered not only a very unique set of tricks but also remarkable stage presence. His competitors were talented, of course, but not nearly as memorable.

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Perhaps Brundage didn’t make the cut because the judges just can’t see him entertaining a Vegas crowd at length. But given the chance, I think he would have strengthened his already impressive act with bigger and better tricks. I wish he would have had the chance to show the world what other tricks he has up his sleeve, but now I will have to be satisfied with trolling his videos on YouTube.

Steven Brundage
Image: NBC

I’m not the only Steven Brundage fan disappointed by the results of the judge cuts. Based on initial Twitter reactions, a lot of people are outraged. Many wish that he would have made the cut instead of comedian Julia Scotti.

Even without Steven Brundage moving on, I am very excited for the remainder of Season 11. The show has once again managed to attract some truly talented individuals. But if the world of reality TV was a just and fair place, there’d be at least one Rubik’s Cube on America’s Got Talent every week.

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Do you think Steven Brundage should have been sent home? Comment and share your opinion below.

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