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Step aside Cam, now there’s a good chance American Gothic‘s Garrett is SBK

The Silver Bells Killer suspect list continues to grow and it sure seems like every Hawthorne family member should be on it. At first, Cam appeared to be at the top of the list, but now all eyes are on Garrett.

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Wednesday’s episode ended with Garrett going to Christina’s (the daughter of one of SBK’s victims who stitched up Garrett’s self-inflicted cut) apartment. They connected on several levels throughout the episode, so who knows if Garrett has true feelings for her or not.

Obviously, he has been following her and inserting himself into her life for a specific reason, which has to do with SBK. Whatever his motives are remain to be seen, but based on the final minutes of the most recent episode, things aren’t looking good for Christina.

The two were undressing, when Garrett removed his belt and then got a disturbing look on his face. He grasped the belt tightly and stared at Christina with scary eyes. Does this mean he is SBK? The serial killer did strangle his/her victims to death, so how are we supposed to take Garrett holding the belt?

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Either he is SBK, or there is some other reasonable explanation. Maybe he’s just thinking about Christina discovering her father’s corpse after SBK killed him? Maybe he’s thinking about his mother and father’s ominous secret that he appears to know all about? Holding a belt may just be overwhelming for Garrett, knowing that’s SBK’s murder weapon of choice. Really, it could be anything, so fans shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet.

SBK could be anyone at this point in time. The entire Hawthorne family is good at lying and burying secrets, so any one of them might be SBK. Or, you know, it could be someone outside of the family.

For example, after Gunther’s body was found after an alleged suicide, he was immediately identified as SBK. Really? Too soon, authorities. Too soon. Anyways, Brady and Cutter investigated Gunther only to discover that he was in the hospital at the time of one of the murders, so he can’t be SBK.

That said, according to neighbor Phyllis (Caramel’s owner), the Hawthornes temporarily hired a new gardener, who also “killed all their hydrangeas,” at the time of Gunther’s hospitalization. Is that a clue? When you add in the fact that this new gardener came onto the premises in 1999 (the same year SBK began killing), it sure seems the anonymous individual could very well be the serial killer.

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Whoever it is, let’s hope Garrett doesn’t do anything fatal with his belt.

American Gothic airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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