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ESPYs viewers were convinced Lindsey Vonn was drunk on the red carpet

Lindsey Vonn had some *ahem* interesting things to say on the ESPYs red carpet, leading many viewers to speculate that the Olympian was drunk.

During an interview with ESPN host Hannah Storm and NFL star J.J. Watt, Vonn decided to tell the world just where Watt likes to be massaged in order to overcome his injuries.

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“You sustained so many injuries last year that we don’t really have enough time here to list them and still won defensive player of the year. How did that happen?” Storm asked Watt.

“Well, thank you,” Watt responded. “I have a very good training staff and I have great teammates. That’s what it all comes down to.”

“And lots of massages in the groin area,” Vonn cut in as Watt laughed.

Storm said she was going to “let that one slide right by live television.”

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But the comment definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

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Vonn quickly took to Twitter to address the drunk rumors.

So maybe Vonn just felt awkward about all the drama surrounding her and her ex Tiger Woods so she was unsuccessfully deflecting by making things uncomfortable for Watt. Perhaps she’s just a weirdo being funny. Or it could be she simply let red carpet nerves get the best of her.

Do you think Lindsey Vonn had some liquid courage on the ESPYs red carpet?

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