Rizzoli & Isles doesn't have time for boring filler story lines right now

Jul 18, 2016 at 11:43 p.m. ET
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So we are a mere six episodes away from the series finale of Rizzoli & Isles and I am basically incapable of watching it without obsessing about how it's all going to end. On Monday's new episode, Jane begrudgingly went to teach a class at the FBI Academy, while Maura stayed in Boston to deal with a case that was definitely not about spontaneous combustion and resulted in her using her fencing moves to take down a suspect. Either of these story lines could have built some tension in regard to the ending but seemed not to, which totally impacted my viewing experience. At this point in the season, I think everything we see on the show, including the humor, should be building toward, or at least pointing us to, the end.

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Maura's case in Boston, which involved body fat, meth and liposuction, was not holding my attention whatsoever, and I'm not sure if it's because it wasn't interesting or if I was just too caught up in Jane's antics at the Academy. From the beginning of the show, I kept thinking that any of the following were possible: Jane gets ensnared by a love of teaching, or a dude, and decides to stay in Virginia, or a case arises and she ends up staying to deal with it, or a giant conspiracy unravels. Or all of these things. It turns out that none of these things happened, with the exception of Jane going to get a drink with an FBI dude, but we're left hanging as to if anything transpires. In short, what could have had long-term implications seemed to wrap up with the end of the episode. The same turned out to be true with Maura's story line; there was a second when I thought she might get seriously hurt (again), thus impacting the rest of the season, but nope.

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The show continues to do what it does best, which is remind us that the relationship we're supposed to be paying attention to and investing in is the one between Jane and Maura, and every moment they're together on camera is gold, thereby creating nostalgia for a thing that's not even gone yet. At this point in the season, though, I don't want filler, which is frankly what this episode felt like. I'm not totally abandoning the possibility that the writers are, in fact, leaving clues or hints for us about the ending and we're just not paying attention to them. Alternatively, I could just relax and enjoy the last season without obsessing about its end, but let's be honest, this is who I am as a person.

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How will Rizzoli & Isles end? Are you enjoying the season or are you also obsessing about how it's going to go down? Tell us in the comments!

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