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Seriously? Suits‘ Harvey is actually Mike’s biggest problem in prison

Suits finally returned Wednesday and just proved that Season 6 is going to be better than ever. Ever since Mike walked into that prison at the end of Season 5, fans have anxiously waited to see what was in store for the former lawyer. Well, let’s just say he’s going to have a really rough time — and all thanks to Harvey.

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That’s right, Harvey Specter’s past is not only coming back to haunt him but also Mike. During his first night behind bars, Mike met his cellmate named Frank Gallo. Frank is serving time for insider trading and appears to be an upstanding roomie. Hey, he even had a cell phone that he let Mike use to text Rachel.

Seriously, this is a dream come true, right? Wrong. Mike quickly learned he can only trust himself at the moment. Guess what? Frank is not really Mike’s cellmate, but the prison guard allowed him inside Mike’s cell to get information out of Mike.

You see, Frank is in prison thanks to Harvey putting him away 13 years ago. Basically, Mike is in Frank’s pocket now. Not only does Frank have Rachel’s phone number, but he plans on getting back at Harvey through Mike. To make matters worse, he knows Mike’s life story. So, what’s ahead for Mike? Bad things. Very bad things.

If Harvey didn’t already feel horrible enough about Mike serving two years in prison, he’s going to be beating himself up even more now once he finds out about Frank.

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Just how is Harvey going to save Mike? Who knows, but I’m sure he is going to do all that he can to protect his BFF.

Season 6 sure is throwing curve balls at all of the characters and let’s hope they will be able to handle them without too much pain. As much as of a rough time Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna and Rachel are facing in attempting to save the firm, all while coping with Mike in prison, there’s no doubt Mike is in a tougher position.

He’s going to face a harsh reality with his new enemy Frank and I hope he can walk away unscathed. Let’s just say that Mike won’t be able to lie himself out this mess.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.

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