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ESPN’s Michelle Beadle’s low-cut ESPYs gown gets downright disgusting response

Michelle Beadle unfortunately discovered the downside of red carpets tonight when she showed off her ESPYs dress and received some disgustingly sexist remarks over the low-cut look.

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Let’s be real: She looks fabulous and the stunning host definitely deserves praise and appreciation for her beauty. But some of the responses were more than disappointing because they just prove that women in the sports world and beyond are still fighting an uphill battle to get the respect they deserve.

It got so bad that people on Twitter were even calling out the lack of decorum on her photo.

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It’s important to note that within the negativity there were also a lot of comments praising Beadle’s look in a respectful way. But women shouldn’t have to fear sexism whenever they post a sexy picture on Twitter or wear a sexy outfit on a red carpet, and Beadle’s example tonight at the ESPYs just shows that the problem is universal and, seemingly, inescapable.

On a more positive note, Beadle completely owned the carpet tonight. Her interview question prowess did not go unnoticed.

It would just be nice if people would talk about her amazing looks and her amazing talent without also making it derogatory.

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Do you think women are more likely to experience sexism in sports or is objectification just a general problem?

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