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Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind gave us a very good reason to never talk about him again

Adam Lind, the all-around worst on Teen Mom 2, announced that he is engaged. He’s apparently been engaged to his girlfriend, Stasia Huber, for a couple of months now, but they felt ready to finally announce it to their friends and family today.

I’ll let you decide whether or not it’s a coincidence that he made his announcement the day after his ex, Chelsea Houska, announced that she is pregnant with her second child.

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Huber and Lind have only been dating since last August, but he feels that she is the one. And it actually makes sense that he’s ready to settle down — he recently announced that he’s completely done with Teen Mom 2 and he won’t be appearing on the show anymore. This could be exactly what he needs to wash his hands clean and start over without any ties to the show or its fans.

One thing is for sure: It’s exactly the news I need to move on from him and to focus solely on Houska’s new life with her fiancé, Cole DeBoer, and their growing family. Not only is DeBoer an infinitely better partner to Houska but he’s also a better father to Aubree, Lind and Houska’s child, and has a much better relationship with Houska’s family.

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If 17-year-old Houska could see what her life would turn out to be, she would have never wasted all the tears she cried on Lind and his immature antics.

I’m still skeptical that Lind will walk away completely from the show. Now that he has a wedding to plan for (on top of the two daughters he has to support), it would be irresponsible for him to walk away from the check MTV provides. But he’s not known to make the smartest decisions in the world.

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Houska hasn’t congratulated Lind on his engagement publicly yet, but that’s probably because she’s off staring at her total babe of a fiancé and taking care of her sweet daughter — as she should be.

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