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We can support Hiddleswift, but if Tom proposes, we’ll completely lose it

You know the feeling when your richest, most effortlessly beautiful friend gets engaged? Of course, you’re happy. Marriage is exciting! But now you probably have to be a bridesmaid, and you can’t help mentally calculating all the money you’re going to spend on the wedding and envisioning yourself making a weird face in the wedding photos. Taylor Swift is about to do that to all of America. According to Us Weekly, she’s about to get engaged to her boyfriend of two months, Tom Hiddleston.

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“He’s so romantic, classic and chivalrous, and he’s doing everything right,” says an insider. “Tom is planning to propose very soon.” And Swift would “definitely say yes.” (Doesn’t “definitely say yes” sound like the title of a Taylor Swift song?) 

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I’ll believe this when I see it — and if it happens, man, will we see it. Rumors have also been swirling that this entire relationship is a publicity stunt for Swift’s next album. She’s known to release singles in August, and the clock is ticking on her newest music video. They could be upping the ante on their relationship just to create buzz, to film a “wedding”-themed music video, to play some sort of unfunny joke on the press that is at the end of the day just a waste of everyone’s time. At least, knowing Taylor, it’ll be a pretty catchy song.

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