5 reasons John Cena would be a better Live! with Kelly host than Fred Savage

Oct 3, 2016 at 4:05 p.m. ET
Image: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com

Guys, John Cena just said that he definitely wants to be the next co-host with Kelly Ripa on Live! with Kelly, and I am kind of down for his cause.

Hear me out.

I know what you are all thinking here. You are all thinking that Fred Savage already has this gig locked down, and honestly, you are not wrong for thinking that. I am staunchly on Fred's team and have been since he first guest hosted. He seems to fit really nicely into that void left by Michael Strahan. Where many of the other guest hosts have kind of foundered or seemed forced in the spot. Whenever Fred hosts, it's like he has been there all along for the most part. Just this morning, he was co-hosting and eating tofu fermented in hot garbage juice for our entertainment (I'm not even a little bit making that up). He's purely delightful.

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Here's the thing: John might be better, and here's why.

1. John Cena is a little less spazzy than Fred Savage


I'll explain. Again, coming from a Fred fan, he can be a little stressful to watch in the morning. Sometimes he gets overly into the bit or the interview, and I get uncomfortable for him. John is a little mellower and a little less caffeinated. I think people need a mostly chill vibe in their morning shows, and there are times when I have looked into my television and actively asked Fred Savage to turn it down a notch.

2. John brings in some seriously loyal fans


Let's face it, wrestling fans are loyal and diehard. Wherever John goes, they will follow. This means that there will be the potential to bring a huge new audience to Live! with Kelly. Sure, Fred has his own loyal fan base, myself included, but John brings in more numbers for sure. It's just science.

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3. John is nice to look at

Image: WENN

Fred is adorable. I can't stress enough how much I love Fred and his face. What John has brings in the ladies, though. I could poll like 100 people on the street and they would likely unanimously answer that they would like to look at John Cena in the morning. Again, #science.

4. John nails his other hosting gigs


I really took notice of his hosting skills when he spent some time on Today as a guest host. He was phenomenal. Honestly, it seemed like he was meant for this kind of job. If I didn't recognize him and he wasn't so gigantic and wrestler-like, I would have assumed he was just another anchor doing his morning show thing. He was just nice to watch. Considering Kelly is certainly comparable to the hosts of the Today Show, those skills would transfer really well into a hosting gig with her.

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5. John is totally down for the gig

In a recent interview with TMZ, Cena admitted that he would love to sit next to Ripa every day.

"I’ve made a pretty fortunate path for myself just by taking advantage of every opportunity," he said. "I would love doing it... I don’t mind wearing a suit, and it’s really cool to sit down in a suit and tie on Tuesday morning and then fly to ‘SmackDown Live’ and be a WWE superstar. Internally, I really like that hustle."

He was also sure to play it cool, "If they call, I’ll answer the phone, but, you know, I’m not gonna sit by the phone."

John is a real contender for the position. I think the powers that be should definitely seriously consider him. If I haven't convinced you, watch his role in Trainwreck, and if you don't love him after that, then I'll eat my hat.

Do you think John Cena would be a good fit for the job with Kelly? Let us know in the comments!