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Zayn Malik’s basically mocking his time with 1D with that alien comment

On March 25, 2015, One Direction fans had their hearts broken with the announcement that one of the band’s own, Zayn Malik, would be leaving One Direction. However, their hearts were quickly mended when Zayn released his very first solo album an exact year later. But now, with all of the drama of Zayn’s departure behind us, the “Pillowtalk” singer is not taking the topic of his leaving very seriously. And, well, what he has to say about it now could be saying a whole lot about his intentions. Directioners, brace yourselves for this one.

“An alien spoke to me in a dream….,” was all Zayn had to say to Glamour magazine when asked about the first time he realized he had to leave One Direction. Yep, that actually happened. Now, of course, Zayn could just be fed up with the constant references to his former spot in the boy band. However, considering that his comment is as absurd as it is — and his story has definitely changed since he spoke about it last — I’m not finding what sounds like a possible joke to be all that funny. In fact, if Zayn is joking, his comments could be straight-up offensive.

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Why? Because when it comes to what he originally said about leaving, that’s where the mocking feel of his latest comment starts to set in. “I did try to do something that I wasn’t happy doing for a while, for the sake of maybe other people,” Zayn told the BBC immediately after the news broke in 2015. “[The exit was] crazy and wild and a bit mad, but I’ve never felt more in control in my life. I feel like I’m doing what’s right, right by myself and right by the boys.” Yep, Zayn’s respect for his original statement seems to have gone completely out the window.

So, why is Zayn blaming an “alien” now? Possibly because his ties to One Direction are so far detached that he simply doesn’t even care to answer the questions anymore. And, honestly, that’s not showing much of a respect or appreciation for his fans or for the other members of the band that he left behind.

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However, if an alien really was involved, then perhaps there’s a whole other issue that Zayn fans need to be concerned about. Because, otherwise, fans deserve more respect from the man that stole their hearts when One Direction first came together. Zayn, please know that you wouldn’t be where you are today if it wasn’t for your time with the rest of the boys.

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How do you feel about Zayn’s comments on leaving One Direction?

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