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Raven-Symoné & Candace Cameron Bure’s religion debate gets fans all riled up

Some people want stadiums to stop playing “God Bless America” during baseball games, and the ladies on The View decided to explore the topic — not unsurprisingly there were some very opposing views.

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Candace Cameron Bure, who’s a proud Christian and not shy about her religious beliefs, had some strong opinions about the topic, and she stated, “Why do y’all have to take God out of everything? You know a little tradition, a little patriotism and God blessing America is a pretty good thing, especially in times that we’re having right now.”

“It’s a good reminder,” Bure added.

But fellow host Raven-Symoné feels very differently, claiming that “patriotism doesn’t mean that you have to put religion on it, that means I can still celebrate my country without celebrating a type of religion that I’m not a part of.”

Bure interjected, saying she doesn’t understand why singing “God Bless America” is so offensive to people who don’t believe in God. She said, “If you don’t even believe in God and think it’s a fairytale why does it offend you? Go get your peanuts and your cracker jacks while they’re singing the song.”

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But according to Symoné, to everyone who is not a Christian the song is a form of exclusion.

“You’re not including the millions of other religions living in America and I think it’s very unfair that we have to leave to go get peanuts, when it’s a sports game,” she said.

Bure also made the point that there are posters and other things that she faces everyday that are offensive to her, but she is not asking them to be removed, stating that tolerance for others’ beliefs is important. And a lot of people seem to agree with Bure on this one, as evidenced by the comment section on the clip uploaded to The View‘s Facebook page.
Jessica Tidwell Webb wrote, “I agree 100% with Candace! Some traditions should be left alone!! We don’t have to accommodate everyone.”

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However, some people are also angry with Symoné for her views, as Renee Russman stated, “This is the first time i wantes [sic] to smack Raven. I usually agree with most things she says, but why does god have to be removed from everything? So because she doesn’t believe that means no one gets to hear the song. If we get rid of everything that makes someone uncomfortable, what will we have left in life?”

“Raven can be so ignorant and annoying at times,” Tonya La Martra wrote. “It is sad that people are so quick to want to get rid of God in everything but as soon as something bad happens people want to pray…”

“Candace really schooled Raven today, not that difficult of a task anyway, lol,” Brant Houston commented.

Non-religious people are also weighing in on the topic, with Rachel Clarke writing, “I don’t believe in God, but I think retiring this song is ridiculous. It’s a beautiful song and I enjoy hearing it at baseball games and other events.”

But what do you think? Should “God Bless America” be sung during sports games, or does it promote exclusion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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