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Who knew Pauly D had such a healthy view of relationships?

The cast of Famously Single definitely has some characters in it who you know would just be the worst possible significant other. In their worst moments, they can be petty, egotistical and completely self-centered. But then there’s Pauly D. He fits none of the awful criteria the others do and he has a pretty great perspective on love.

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On tonight’s episode, when asked what he looks for in an ideal girlfriend, Pauly said, “I want someone who loves the things that I love about me.” It was insightful in a way that I never expected from the man who’s most known for yelling “Cabs are here!” on Jersey Shore.

He also knew when to back away from Aubrey O’Day. O’Day has been pressing him hard the entire season to jump into a relationship with her, but Pauly knows that it’s way too fast and that they need to take their time and learn as much as they can from the process they’ve signed themselves up for.

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He really sounds like the wise older guy who shouldn’t be associated with all the other hopeless celebrities.

Out of the entire group, he is the one who participates in every exercise, has genuine answers and intentions with everyone, and he seems to know that what he’s looking for in a person who could make him happy forever goes beyond looks. He knows that he needs someone supportive and who isn’t looking to mold him into anyone else.

There are millions of people who aren’t in a dating boot camp who can’t figure that out — I would know, I’ve dated my share of them.

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In this episode especially, I found myself really rooting for Pauly. And although I don’t think he’s going to find the answers he’s looking for while he’s in the house, I know for sure that he’ll be able to find someone who will celebrate his genuine heart as much as his celebrity status.

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