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If I were Leslie Jones, I’d be f-ing excited to meet Kelly Ripa too

Leslie Jones stopped by Live! With Kelly to promote her role in Ghostbusters, but what she ended up doing was talking about how amazing Kelly Ripa and Carrie Ann Inaba are. Jones talked about how fly Inaba is and how the camera doesn’t even do her legs justice. Then she went on to talk about how she’s been following Ripa since her soap opera days.

The whole interview was so genuine, celebratory and endearing that viewers almost didn’t notice that at one point Jones accidentally said fuck on national television.

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Jones was recalling a time when she needed a designer gown for a red carpet appearance for Ghostbusters. She assumed that because she’s a huge part of the movie, someone would reach out and want to dress her in one of their gowns. When she didn’t hear anything, she said, “I picked up the phone and I was like, ‘I can’t believe these designers aren’t fucking with—”

Jones stopped mid-sentence because she realized she had just cursed on TV. Although Ripa and Inaba swore to her that the producers would catch it and would be able to bleep it out, they were wrong and everyone heard her curse.

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While I can’t speak for everyone, I don’t think anything about the appearance was offensive. First of all, Jones was nothing but energetic, funny and engaging the entire time. One little word said offhandedly isn’t going to infuriate anyone. It was a mistake that she was sorry for as soon as it happened.

But also, she was talking about people who were refusing to make her something to wear, presumably because of her body type. If there is any topic that deserves some colorful language, it’s the way women are treated and looked over based on the way they look, their age or their race. A little passion isn’t going to hurt the cause, especially if it gets the attention of the closed-minded designers who backed out of their commitment to make a dress for Jones.

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And, honestly, if I was sitting there, talking to Ripa, I’d be way too excited to censor myself too. I say, no harm done and Jones should just continue being her charming self.

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