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Jon Dorenbos has a future in magic after tonight’s America’s Got Talent

Part of the appeal of America’s Got Talent is seeing relatively unknown talents make a name for themselves. Sometimes, however, the show gives viewers the opportunity to see a familiar face in a completely new light. Such was the case tonight, when NFL player Jon Dorenbos showed the world that he’s more than just a long snapper.

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Dorenbos’ story is actually quite tragic. When he was just a kid, his dad beat his mom to death. His aunt took custody of him and his sister, and by the looks of it, she did a great job. Not only is her nephew an amazing athlete, he’s an even better magician.

Jon Dorenbos
Image: NBC

As a child, Dorenbos found his escape not in football but magic, which allowed him to forget all his troubles. Today, he still manages to find time to hone his craft, despite being very busy with his NFL career. If tonight’s appearance on America’s Got Talent is any indication, he has a promising future in magic — and that’s a good thing, because at 35, he only has so much time left in pro football.

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For tonight’s big trick, Dorenbos used oversized playing cards. He at first made the judges and the audience think that he messed up, but it was all part of a greater plan. When he unveiled the appropriate card (after toying at length with the judges), everybody was astounded — especially Ne-Yo! The guest judge was so impressed, he rewarded Dorenbos with the golden buzzer.

Jon Dorenbos
Image: NBC

Last week’s golden buzzer was incredibly controversial, but this time, pretty much everybody agreed that the honor was well-deserved. Several fans of the show spoke highly of Dorenbos on Twitter, including a few big names.

I am so glad Dorenbos is able to move on in the competition. I think he is incredibly talented, both as an athlete and as a magician. I look forward to seeing his next big trick on America’s Got Talent.

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What did you think of Jon Dorenbos’ magic trick? Did he deserve the golden buzzer? Comment and share your opinion below.

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