Kate Beckinsale’s proved there is an appropriate time for a penis costume

Kate Beckinsale shocked everyone when she wore an inflatable penis costume on her Instagram. That’s right: Perfectly put together Beckinsale not only put on an inflatable penis costume and let someone take a picture of her, but she then posted it to Instagram.

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Just a girl trying to make it in a man's world…

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In the caption of the photo, Beckinsale wrote, “Just a girl trying to make it in a man’s world.” For the over 183,000 people who follow her, this was a hilarious break in her normally beautifully poised images. There were at least 1,200 comments that included a lot of crying-laughing emojis and people thanking Beckinsale for brightening their day.

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There were also the select few followers who picked up on the fact that Beckinsale was trying to make people laugh by wearing a funny costume, but she was also trying to make a bit of a statement.

Her caption could have been any of the countless penis jokes that exist, but she decided to comment on how hard it can be for any woman to try to make it, but especially one who wants to work and thrive in the film industry — an industry that mostly caters to and is run by men.

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She certainly could have made this statement in a more powerful way with some more striking imagery or an emotional caption, but why not infuse a little humor into the situation? Being serious and angry hasn’t been working, so maybe pointing out how completely ridiculous it is that women endure endless double standards in a comedic way could.

Whether or not this was the reaction she was trying to get is a mystery, but I’m going to choose to believe she wanted to make people laugh while also make them understand the importance of giving women fair treatment whether they’re in a professional setting, at home or just existing in a public space. Because that would make Beckinsale an even bigger badass than I thought she was.

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