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Jenelle Evans’ mom finally gets her say on Teen Mom 2 special

Teen Mom 2 fans, the day finally came. Barbara Evans, longtime woman with a plan and mom behind the scenes to Jenelle Evans’ son Jace, got her own special. We got an episode focused entirely on Barb, which means lots of bickering with Jenelle and rants about her daughter’s parenting. But here’s what we also learned: Barb is ready to date.

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Us Weekly did the dirty work of compiling exactly what Barbara Evans wants in a man. (And MTV, love ’em, is doing the real work of putting together a webseries in which Evans will try to date.) She may seem hard to love, but she knows exactly what she wants.

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Here’s the list in all its glory: Evans wants a man “55 to 65 years old with a good personality who was moderately intelligent (but not too intelligent that she would be lost), had a decent job (so she didn’t always have to bankroll their activities) and all of his teeth, and good personal hygiene (though that did not mean he had to shave his ‘balls,’ despite Kristen’s insistence this was all the rage).”

She’s willing to compromise a little: It’s OK to be overweight, as long as her future suitor doesn’t have “saggy skin.” A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. We can’t wait to watch this grandmama go on dates!

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