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Vicki Gunvalson’s new boyfriend’s sketchy past isn’t your business

Vicki Gunvalson’s new boyfriend, Steve Lodge, apparently isn’t the great guy we all thought he was. Court documents have been found that reveal Lodge was accused of assault and battery on two separate occasions while he was working as a police officer.

One man pressed charges back in 1991 and the other man made his claim in 1997; however, both cases were dismissed. Lodge was also hit with a restraining order in 2012 after getting into a physical altercation at a hotel. The man who filed the order was sleeping with Lodge’s then wife, and apparently that’s what started the fight.

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The man wrote in his statement, “Mr. Lodge appeared at a hotel I was staying and checked in at the same hotel. He called my room from the lobby twice and attempted to identify my room number. Mr. Lodge assaulted me, including but not limited to punching me in the face multiple times.”

While violence is a gigantic red flag and Gunvalson has a history of picking men who are less than ideal, some of these charges happened over 20 years ago and the other was a fight between Lodge and a man sleeping with his wife. It may not be enough to write him off just yet.

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Especially when Briana Culberson, Gunvalson’s daughter, has given Lodge her stamp of approval. Culberson is famously tough on Gunvalson for the men she chooses to date. She didn’t even want to be in the same state as Gunvalson’s last ex, Brooks Ayers, let alone the same room. But we’ve already seen a handful of pictures on Gunvalson’s Instagram of Lodge and Culberson spending time together and looking very happy.

Everyone has a past. We can’t keep judging people on things they were accused of 20 years ago. If we learn that Lodge is currently violent or becomes that way in the future, then people can start voicing their concerns and maybe even start reaching out to Gunvalson to tell her she should walk away, but for now all we know is good things about Lodge.

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And really, if Gunvalson is happy and can spend time with her boyfriend and her daughter at the same time, is it really our business to start making waves?

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