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Maybe Yolanda Foster’s sexy music video is bad, but she didn’t make it for you

One upon a time, Yolanda and David Foster were one of the most lovey-dovey couples in Housewives history. Their cuteness and affection for each other knew no end, with Yolanda being sure to always take care of her king and David always seeming to appreciate her love and loyalty. In a world where many Housewives romances end in a bitter divorce, it was refreshing and sweet to see a pair so in love.

So when the couple announced they were divorcing in December 2015 amid Yolanda’s tough battle with Lyme disease, it definitely came as a massive shock to Housewives fans, who thought the Fosters were in it for the long haul.

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Sadly, though, their love story was no more, but as with everything on the internet, there will always be reminders of what once was, such as this unearthed music video Yolanda made for David as a wedding gift back in 2011.

Aptly titled, “I Love You,” the video shows Yolanda in a flight attendant outfit on board a private plane, crooning about how much she loves her king and how she wants to give him the world.

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OK, so it’s pretty cringe-worthy, but it definitely doesn’t seem like the video was meant as a serious thing in any way. In fact, the video was shot by the couple’s wedding photographer, David Robin, and actually has a pretty decent production value.

Sure, it’s cheesy… but that was kind of the beauty of Yolanda and David’s relationship. They really did embrace over-the-top displays of affection. Of course, this video’s existence is all the more sad due to the fact that the Fosters split after four years of marriage, but at least we’ve still got the memories in this video.

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All jokes aside, they did make an adorable couple, and hey, this is a lot less risqué than some of the other Housewives‘ music videos (lookin’ at you, Erika Jayne!) even if she won’t be nominated for a Grammy anytime soon.

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