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Guilt‘s Luc seems super fishy — and it’s not just his broody, artsy persona

In episode 4, it’s still glaringly obvious that Guilt is trying to throw twists and turns at every corner… but it’s seriously working, guys. Like any great “whodunit” mystery, Guilt has basically decided that it doesn’t matter who you are or what ties you may or may not have to the crime: You’re a suspect. And this week, everyone from the prime suspect (Grace) herself to her boyfriend, Luc Pascal, is on my radar.

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Luc in particular seems like an obvious trope for a cold-blooded murderer — he’s the brooding, artsy, dark and handsome type who just happens to have a penchant for drugs, so of course he’d raise eyebrows when his girlfriend’s bestie gets violently murdered at a cocaine-fueled party. But that’s the genius of this show. Instead of brushing him off as too obvious, they run with it, leading viewers to believe that he may actually have done it.

Complicating things, of course, is the fact that there is a romantic history of some kind between Luc and Molly, and even though Grace told investigators she and Molly never fought over Luc or any other guy, one can’t help but feel as if Grace doth protest a bit too much on this one.

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Then there’s the drug aspect. Even if Luc is a nice guy, this entire situation happened thanks to a drug-fueled fiesta that he was unquestionably a part of. It’s not a coincidence that a known drug user and drug dealer might be capable of doing some other really bad stuff, even if by accident, in a cocaine haze.

Of course, there’s also the Grace factor that simply can’t be ignored. It definitely seems as if Grace is “grooming” Luc to fit her particular alibi, as evidenced by the mysterious belly-button piercing she encourages Luc to remember Molly giving her on the night of the murder. It seems as if Luc simply isn’t smart enough to murder someone and get away with it, and Grace is capitalizing on that.

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Still, Luc’s hardly innocent of all charges here, and his level of guilt is to be determined…

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