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If Lamar Odom’s recent behavior isn’t a call for help, we don’t know what is

Lamar Odom’s health seems to be sliding backward again.

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Sources tell TMZ that Odom was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight on Monday because he was drunk and vomiting onboard before the plane took off.

According to the site, Odom went to Delta’s airport lounge at Los Angeles International Airport to kill some time before his scheduled red-eye flight to New York. In the lounge, witnesses say he was pounding beers and whiskey, and that by the time he left, he was completely wasted.

A couple of first class passengers told TMZ that Odom took his seat on the plane, but just before it started taxiing to take off, he got up and ran for the bathroom. He reportedly vomited in the plane’s galley, and then again in the bathroom with the door open. He emerged from the bathroom with vomit on his sweatpants, witnesses said.

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Onlookers reported seeing flight attendants escorting Odom off the flight “gently,” removing his carry-on luggage and calling a cleaning crew to take care of the vomit on the floor. Ten minutes later, passengers reportedly said, Odom reboarded the plane and returned to his seat, still with vomit on his clothes. Supposedly thought, that only lasted a few minutes before Odom got up and headed for the bathroom again, this time using other passengers’ heads to steady himself.

By this point, TMZ reports, the flight was late, and passengers were getting irate. One reportedly told a flight attendant, “Don’t you know his history? I don’t want a dead body at 30,000 feet.” Finally, Odom was reportedly escorted off the plane again, and it took off 40 minutes late.

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