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Everyone’s freaking out over Sean Lowe’s super ‘creepy’ Bachelor tribute

Last week Saturday our favorite Bachelor couple, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Lowe (who married in January 2014), announced the birth of their first child, Samuel Thomas Lowe. And the pair haven’t been shy about sharing pictures of him, either.

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Both parents have been sharing photos of their son on Instagram, and while the snaps are adorable, there’s one in particular that’s catching everyone’s attention: Lowe dressed his son up as The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison.

We’re not sure if it’s hilarious or incredibly creepy, but here it is, a picture of Samuel Thomas Lowe asleep while what appears to be his dad wears a suit and holds a yellow rose. Lowe captioned the photo with, “This week on The Bachelorette…”

Comments on the pic range from outrage to hilarity.

“@seanloweksu Why would you do this? If you think it’s funny, it’s NOT,” nannybofanny wrote.

Countless others thought the picture was extremely creepy. Gailkimsey wrote, “This is creepy” and candice_cupido echoed those thoughts writing, “This pic is so creepy!”

“OMG, this picture should be cute but is somehow very very creepy,” mojenz commented.

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But not everyone was freaked out by Lowe’s picture.

“Lmao why do people get so butt hurt. Let this goofy guy have fun with his baby how he pleases,” m0rgan.tayl0r commented. And saraabreu9 thought the picture was “hilarious and cute.”

Potentially creepy pictures aside, the first-time parents are clearly besotted, and a source told Us Weekly that they’re really happy.

“Sean and Catherine are so in love with Samuel already and are excited to be a family of three,” the source said, adding, “Catherine and the baby are doing great. They’re both healthy and happy.”

And Lowe is apparently particularly pleased that his first child is a boy, because he looks forward to raising him to be a “gentleman” and hopes to share with him the same bond he shared with his own father.

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What do you think of Sean Lowe’s The Bachelor inspired picture? Hilarious or a tad creepy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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