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Is Ramona Singer a diva or just demanding the respect she’s due?

Today the beauty brand Lux Beauty Club fired Ramona Singer for her “diva”-like behavior. The hair extension company said that her attitude made it impossible for them to continue their partnership, but Singer insists that she was just asking for what is due to her for working with them.

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Victoria Flores, who owns the company, wrote in an email to Singer, “We were incredibly disappointed with your attitude at Harmon’s and our [return on investment] on you has been less than overwhelming. I can’t build a business with someone that fights me on everything I need them to do, and I want to partner with people that care about my business and are not motivated by blinding greed.” She ended by saying the relationship just isn’t working out.

Singer spoke out to defend herself. She said, “If being a ‘diva’ is asking to be paid for work done, then everyone should be a diva. I didn’t know by asking to be paid for the work that I have done and fulfilling my contractual obligations makes me a diva. They clearly can’t afford to pay me and have no capital. I have been duped. Had they paid me, we would not be in this situation.”

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In this situation, if Singer was only asking for fair compensation, then calling her a diva is unfair. As a woman entrepreneur herself, Flores should understand why Singer is asking for the money she’s owed. The fact that she doesn’t makes me wonder if maybe Singer isn’t being totally truthful. But then again, it only took a little controversy and Flores immediately changed her tune.

Earlier today, Flores said she was “horrified” that the emails between her and Singer leaked and said she hopes “we can sit down and work out our differences. We’re a startup, so we can’t afford to be giving all of our money to brand ambassadors. We love Ramona; she’s a lot of fun and Ramona is a friend to the brand.”

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It sounds less like Flores and her company were dealing with a diva and more like they didn’t want to pay her high price anymore. Now they might be doing damage control.

It’s great that Singer has stuck up for herself and ensured that she’s paid fairly and treated with respect. Women like her will cement the trail for all entrepreneurs who follow.

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