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Bow Wow managed to offend nearly all women in his post-breakup message to Omarion

R&B singer Omarion is in the middle of a very public breakup, so his longtime friend Bow Wow reached out on Instagram to show support for his friend. The good news for any woman who read Bow Wow’s post is they learn what he’s really like in a little less than 15 seconds. The bad news is in order to learn that, every woman has to be personally offended and disgusted.

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The caption of Bow Wow’s photo, which showed he and Omarion celebrating in a club, said, “Bro you got your freedom! We can hang again!!! lets go take a bag to AOD tonight. Theres plenty of ig thots and vlive and AOD dancers bro in the world that will be happy to cheer you up during this time! Matter of fact, ima throw you a couple lobs #theonlyfriendyourboygfhates.”

He’s a really charming guy, right?

It didn’t take long for the comments on his post to be flooded with women telling Bow Wow that what he said was wildly offensive and he should take it down. But instead of listening to the majority of his female fans, Bow Wow defended himself, saying that he’s just doing what women do all the time.

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He wrote, “So since my female followers have a lot to say to me this am, why is it yall can do this when your bestie break up and why cant the fellas encourage they homies the same way yall do? A trip to the gentlemen’s club wont save your boy life but just to get him out to talk and relax a little theres no crime in that. Yall women tooo uptight nowadays nagging is at an all time high textn us getting mad over what we post what pictures we like. Ease up on us ladies.”

There’s so much there to address, I’m not sure where to start. While he’s right that there’s no crime in going to a gentleman’s club after a breakup, they’re definitely not going there to talk and relax. Nor are women nags if they point out that your comments are sexist and offensive.

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Omarion hasn’t publicly taken Bow Wow up on his offer, but if he wants to stay the heartthrob R&B singer he is, he’ll stay far away from Bow Wow for now.

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