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The Bachelorette‘s James Taylor is like a kid crushing on his brother’s girl

James Taylor definitely let The Bachelorette pressure get to him and it wasn’t flattering at all. Mostly because instead of dealing with the pressure in a personal way, he started whining to the camera about not being the “hot guy” and then started throwing said hot guys under the bus any way he could.

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I can’t wait for the men to confront him during the Men Tell All special. I mean, part of me feels bad for him because I do think he has a gentle soul at the end of the day. But he’s going to get a serious taste of his own medicine.

Only, instead of calling him out behind his back, the guys are going to do it in front of a live audience and to James Taylor’s face.

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When he called out Jordan for his poker player etiquette, I rolled my eyes and figured it was just the show trying to beef up the drama somehow. I still think that was the strategy, but it’s now clear that it wasn’t a one-time thing for James Taylor because he did it again tonight with Robbie. This time, though, he upped the stakes and said in front of JoJo and the other guys that Robbie was blatantly checking out Argentinian women when JoJo wasn’t around. Robbie, for his part, flat out denied the accusation and was appalled by James Taylor’s lack of respect.

And Robbie had every right to be mad in my opinion. Even if Robbie had been checking out a girl behind JoJo’s back, James Taylor should have been a man about it and confronted Robbie at an appropriate time and then waited for an appropriate time to bring it up to JoJo. The way he did it while they were all together just seemed sleazy and immature.

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To no one’s surprise, James Taylor went home tonight. And, no, it wasn’t because he wasn’t the hottest guy on the show. It was because he was the most insecure. I hope that James Taylor can find himself some inner confidence before he gets into another serious relationship. He does deserve a great girl because, like I said before, I genuinely thinks he means well. He’s just got some self-discovery to do first.

Were you turned off by James Taylor’s antics tonight on The Bachelorette?

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