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Meghan Edmonds is RHOC‘s most compelling Housewife

Meghan Edmonds definitely shook things up during her first season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but most people would argue that she did not do so in a good way. After all, while her desire to take down the creepy Brooks Ayers was more than understandable, her obsession started to grate on the nerves of both viewers and fellow Housewives.

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Also not appreciated? Those constant references to how “old” the other Housewives are. I get that Edmonds can’t always relate to those who are one or two decades older than her, but I don’t need to hear her gripe about it endlessly.

Meghan Edmonds
Image: Bravo

Thankfully, Edmonds’ role on the show appears to be changing, perhaps because she now has better things to worry about than Ayers’ ridiculous story. She is on a mission to get pregnant, and if she pursues this goal with half the zeal she had during her Ayers witch hunt, I have no doubt she’ll give birth to a healthy baby. She’s well on her way, as she recently confirmed that she’s pregnant.

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At the filming for tonight’s episode, Edmonds had yet to conceive. She decided that, in the interest of getting pregnant, it was time to face her biggest fear: needles! It took a while, but she was able to give herself a shot. After she conquered this big challenge, she got a bit teary-eyed. It was a beautiful moment, but its impact was diminished somewhat by its placement early in the episode, not to mention, the incessant bickering that followed.

Vicki Gunvalson
Image: Bravo

Edmonds’ babymaking moment was a breath of fresh of air in a season that threatens to once again revolve around drama that viewers don’t find compelling. Who’d have thought that, after working so hard to put the spotlight on Ayers, Edmonds would eventually be the one to take the focus away again?

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I get that the fallout from the Gunvalson and Brooks debacle is a big deal and that it’s bound to produce the type of drama that Bravo fans love, but I just can’t get excited about an issue that the Housewives discussed excessively last year. I really hope that the show will continue to delve into Edmonds’ pregnancy journey, because there’s only so much Gunvalson I can take at this point.

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