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Gareth’s BrainDead crush on Laurel has disaster written all over it

In the world of CBS’ new dramedy, BrainDead, space bugs are still getting inside people’s heads and eating their brains. But in Episode 4 of Season 1, it’s starting to seem as if it’s not just being a victim of brain-eating space bugs that Laurel needs to be concerned about. In fact, with Gareth pining for her love, Laurel may need to protect her heart just as much as her brain. And, therefore, us viewers may need to guard our own attachments as well.

The episode began with what could only be described as pure chaos between a local Democrat and a local Republican who became infected. However, it soon became clear that Laurel was more focused on this possible bug problem than what was going on in politics. After being seen chatting it up in public with FBI agent and friend, Anthony Onofrio, in order to get the scoop on the ongoing head explosion problem, Gareth soon entered the scene of their local bar. However, Gareth’s game was strong as well. Gareth ended up not only chatting it up — and going to bed — with news anchor Misty Alise (played by fellow Broadway star Megan Hilty), but he couldn’t keep his eyes off Laurel. And it soon became clear that Gareth’s jealousy at seeing Laurel out with another man has definitely set in — to a point where he was even spotted going through Anthony’s file and funding $750 toward Laurel’s documentary (which is so ridiculously cute).

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Meanwhile, Washington, D.C’s issues are only getting worse. With Gustav’s cat infected, the government shutdown finally coming to a messy end, both Luke and Laurel receiving threats, and Laurel’s best friend literally jumping to her death, Laurel has little time for Gareth’s subtle flirting. But they do have time to band together and transfer information — whether they should really trust one another or not.

But now is where the seriousness of this Laurel and Gareth situation is going to set in. Because I’m starting to find myself a bit suspicious about Gareth’s feelings toward Laurel — and my worst nightmare is certainly staring me right in the face. Not only did he seemingly lie to Laurel about what was in Anthony’s file, but while Laurel seems to be able to focus on her work, Gareth is seeming a little… obsessed. And, with brain-eating bugs on the loose, I’m really starting to question everything. So, dare I say it, perhaps there are other ways that the bugs could affect the brain? As in, perhaps the bugs could affect the love section of the brain? I know, those chances at this stage in the game are extremely rare, but all in all, Laurel should take extra precautions to guard her heart — without blocking out guys so much that it affects her job.

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However, I’ve got a good feeling about Laurel. She’s strong, independent and she’s doing a pretty good job at catching the people who may be infected. And, luckily for Team Gareth, Anthony’s post-sleepover hearing problem makes him the next possible victim of the space bugs. Let’s just hope that Laurel and the gang can find their cure before Laurel is definitely dealing with two men who only have a half a brain.

BrainDead airs on CBS Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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