Dead of Summer's Amy clearly has ties to Camp Stillwater's cult

Jul 12, 2016 at 10:00 p.m. ET
Image: Freeform

In an episode that was all about Cricket, Tuesday's Dead of Summer quickly shifted its focus to Amy. The final moments not only offered up some much-needed answers about Camp Stillwater's creepiness, but also delivered quite the shocking (literally) end scene.

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Since day one, Amy hasn't had the best luck at camp. Her unlucky streak continued when she got struck by lightning. When is she going to catch a break? If I were her, I'd never want to go to Camp Stillwater (or any camp, for that matter) ever again. Her status is still unknown, but here's hoping she survives. I highly doubt that she'd bite the dust so soon, but who knows what the drama has up its sleeve.

What is known, is that Amy is connected to the camp's mystery and every frightening thing that's happened so far. She's some type of key, but, of course, her exact connection remains unknown.

Though, thanks to Garrett, his determination and love of research, we now know a little bit more about Camp Stillwater and its history. Remember the opening scene with the Tall Man playing the piano? He was an imperious leader of a spiritualist cult name Holyoke, who believed Lake Stillwater held some type of supernatural powers. They tried to summon the power through an occult ritual, but their deaths brought an end to it all.

Amy, Dead of Summer
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As Garrett noted, it sure looks like history is repeating itself — and thanks to Crowley and his friends. They are part of some new cult trying to summon the power all over again. They also held some type of ritual with Holyoke's skull and the dead deer's heart. During the ceremony, they even uttered, "We found her. Now take her. Her blood will bring you us."

Notice how they referred to a "her"? Yeah, it appears they thought Cricket would be the key, which is why they took her boots, why she was having weird, yet lifelike dreams and why she was being followed by Crowley. When the storm came on and Amy got struck by lightning, Crowley declared, "It appears we were wrong. It’s her."

So, "her" is now Amy? What the heck is her connection? Maybe, just maybe, Deb has the answer. I mean, she appears to be an owner of the same disturbing cult mask Crowley and his friends were wearing throughout the episode. Even though she tried to play it off as nothing, Deb is definitely hiding something.

Just when we get a few answers, more questions come about.

Dead of Summer airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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